From candidates Oddity.. Charged with prostitution , sodomy, rape and murder, and others with embezzlement and fraud
2/10/2014 1:45:33 PM  

BAGHDAD / Al Masalah: lists of excluded candidates from the next parliamentary elections in 2014 contained number of surprises and "oddity" especially those that relate to the criminal records reflect in the eyes of some a big "daring" for those candidates to register in the election with the presence of the charges against them and that was the most bizarre the accusation one of the candidates with prostitution and sodomy and another with rape, and third of questions leaking and the charges distributed among of murder, forgery, bribery, fraud and terrorism .
Ruled out a candidate named Reza Hussein Shahat Sharifi by crime of prostitution and sodomy! Another ruled out named Majid Kazem Ghawi accused of rape and Thabet Abdul Abbas Hassan Ghurairy accused of questions leaking ! , Caesar Sheriff Dugan hilarious Accused of triggered selling .
In addition to these charges the lists included serious of crimes as the candidate who was accused of murder, Mohammed Jassem Hamad Wadi Munshed , and terrorism as the candidate Amer Kamel Eidan Shalal Tai and the candidate Fadel Abbas Hamad Khalil Shajeri .
The lists included 16 candidates ruled out because of the charge with fraud and 9 candidates charges with embezzlement, led by Yazan son of Mishan al-Jubouri .
Three candidates ruled out because of fraud and 9 ruled out due to charges of theft, including the theft of state funds and 4 candidates on charges of bribery and 5 candidates on charges of liberalization worthless checks .
Dr Ahmed Qassem professor of sociology at the University of Baghdad about the question of "ALMasalah" on the interpretation of the boldness of these candidates register to the elections with the presence of these criminal records that "that comes out from the system of social values and practiced what is called social harlotry he thinks that does not come out from the system's collar but practiced self-limits and personal freedom and to achieve self benefit and win and unfortunately some of them confused between social Fornication and political Fornication and deemed this a personal issue and he can continue to act the same and achieve these self benefits ".
He added that " the confusion of the situation in Iraq, and what's going on from the spread of the corruption phenomenon and lawlessness phenomenon encouraging some of them to register to the nomination, believing that this is an opportunity that they can get a part of it ".
Dr Ahmed Qassem believed that not take legal action and prosecution for those that they make previously ran in the last election and appeared a criminal indicators in their records that’s what pushed those to be re-ball, adding, "Iraqi law he can reveal these, but they can carry through the cronyism and thus arrive at the certain authority sites ".
He continued saying that "even if they have been exposed , UNHCR and the accountability and justice and the other responsible institutions will not reveal the names of those who were excluded ,just inform the candidate that he has no right to the nomination for the existence criminal records in his name or a records of this kind, or the existence of precedents , doesn’t be revealed in front of the public and not be socially naked and trying to register again and the others who also have a criminal records dare to register and nominate ".
Qassem said: "We are not surprised because there is a VIP have more than one criminal record but in a political deals and pressures were allowed for some of them to return and canceled the charges and ablation decisions in their right and then I guess that the person who has a criminal record can run out from the impunity by institution's pressure which he belongs ".
He added "It can be described in the light of sociology as a political harlotry comparable with the social harlotry and frank and cranky exit from the system of social, religious and legal carelessly ".